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Sam Pritchard


Bryce Holmes


Alice Toulmin


Anna Carter

Senior Resource Management Consultant

Richard Laurenson

Project Manager

Rob Longley

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

MOB 021 521 722

Sam Pritchard BBS (VPM), MPINZ

Director - Project Management & Property Planning
Sam has extensive experience in project management in the property and construction sectors having previously spent four years with the New Zealand Defence Force where he managed the acquisition, disposal, leasing and construction of Defence Force property throughout New Zealand. This involved a wide range of properties throughout the Defence Force’s $1b portfolio. Tasks included management of all land acquisition and disposal including Public Works Act transfers, offer backs and Treaty settlements in compliance with Crown Property Standards, negotiation and structuring of leases, liaison with other Government Departments including Housing New Zealand, Ministry of Education and New Zealand Police, management and coordination of construction projects, remediation of contaminated sites, demolition and removal of buildings, land valuation processes and ensuring compliance with standard operating  procedures. This role also included briefings to the Chief of Defence Force, responding to Official Information Act requests and Ministerial reports.

For the past six years Sam has been at Land Matters as a project director working on large scale property and construction projects from commencement through the consenting and construction stages to completion.  Sam’s clients have included Landcorp Estates Limited, the Donny Charitable Trust, the New Zealand Defence Force, and private investment companies. Sam has been responsible for managing all aspects of projects including liaison with the client and/or client’s representative, ensuring timelines are met, updating and reporting on budgets, management of external contractors and consultants and leading the project team.  

Sam has worked with a number of Government Departments through his role at NZDF including detailed negotiations with Housing New Zealand Corporation (HNZC) and coordination and liaison with Ministry of Education, Department of Conservation and Local Authorities.

In particular Sam was the Lead Manager effecting the transfer of the Hobsonville Air Base land in Waitakere to HNZC. This involved liaison with HNZC official and Waitakere City Council, the preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding and a Partnering Agreement providing for the stage retrenchment of NZDF from the land. The total value of the transfer of the land to HNZC was approximately $60 million.
Sam has been involved in the preparation of the future use concept plan for the surplus Defence land at Watts Peninsula which he presented to senior Wellington Department of Conservation staff. More recently, Sam has lead the project team for the development of a Strategic Management Framework for the Defence land, Corrections land, Council land and Port Nicholson Block Settlement Trust land in Shelly Bay and Watts Peninsula.

DDI 06 364 9143
MOB 021 877 143

Bryce Holmes


Bryce Holmes has over 15 years’ experience in the planning profession, of which 12 years has been working in the private sector. He is currently carrying out projects for a number of clients throughout New Zealand, with a focus on planning assessments and project management.

Bryce is a member of the New Zealand Planning Institute. His academic background is a specialised Honours Degree in Resource and Environmental Planning from Massey University. While undertaking that specific qualification Bryce broadened the scope of his learning to include a major in Economics with a particular focus on Trade Theory and International Economics. This has led to balanced approach to planning issues where the objective is to integrate good planning outcomes with due consideration to social and economic demands.

His work involves considerable liaison with other professions including engineers, landscape architects, urban designers, marine hydrologists, geotechnical engineers, soil scientists, surveyors, ecologists, archaeologists, traffic engineers and Council Officers. Working with such a wide range of experts means Bryce has a good understanding of issues associated with complex proposals.

Bryce has experience in both the private and public sectors. He has appeared and managed proceedings in territorial authority hearings (private and public) and also in the Environment Court as an expert witness. This experience has led to developing a large network of experts and legal experts. He has experience with Notice of Requirement applications in both his public and private sector work including the Proposed Taupo District Plan review and presenting evidence to the High Court of New Zealand on designations.

The projects Bryce is involved with are generally large and complex. Invariably these complex projects lead to consulting with members of the public and interest groups. This includes Department of Conservation, iwi groups, land owners, central government agencies, and many more.

Bryce has experience in both the private and public sectors. He has appeared and managed proceedings in territorial authority hearings (private and public) and also in the Environment Court as an expert witness. This experience has lead to developing a large network of experts and legal experts.

DDI 06 364 9144
MOB 021 877 144

Alice Toulmin


Alice is responsible for the resourcing and staffing of each project, and the provision of information to Project Managers to enable them to successfully achieve their project’s completion on time and on budget.

Alice also prepares health and safety plans for our contractors and works with them in developing quality assurance systems and compliance with TQS1 certification.  Alice has experience with interpretation of District Plans and RMA processes. She has prepared resource consent applications for both Regional and District Councils and is also involved with liaison with local authorities, clients and local community groups.

Prior to coming to Land Matters, Alice worked for the Ministry for the Environment for 2 ½ years. During her time at the Ministry she worked as an Executive Officer for the Working with Local Government Group and the Reporting and Review Group. She was also seconded to the office of the Chief Executive as an Executive Officer and to the Communications team as an Advisor. Alice was a part of the Government Water Programme of Action Consultation Team, and also managed the publication of Gentle Footprints: Boots n All, in conjunction with the Chief Executive. 

Anna Carter

Senior resource management consultant

Anna has over 15 years experience in resource management, project management, and urban and rural planning. That experience includes preparation of resource consent applications (land use and subdivision consents including water permits); providing evidence to hearing committees and to Boards of Inquiry; providing evidence at the Environment Court; and preparation of submissions on Regional and District Planning documents.  Anna is currently providing resource management advice to clients for projects in Wellington City, in Porirua City, on the Kapiti Coast, in the Wairarapa, and in Auckland.  Anna’s clients include property developers; a large accommodation and conference provider; rural landowners (forestry and farming); and smaller business owners.

Her expertise lies in project management, strategic thinking and community engagement.  Her key strengths are in developing relationships; identifying and implementing best practice; making sense of environmental laws and processes; and understanding local government processes.

Anna has also extensive expertise across a broad spectrum of both urban and rural environmental issues.  Anna has spent a significant amount of time working with local authorities either as a consultant preparing resource consents applications or submissions on behalf of clients; or as a consultant to local authorities assisting with policy preparation for them. Development projects Anna has been involved in include structure planning, building development projects, residential subdivisions, rural subdivisions, forestry harvesting, new roads, work in water-bodies, child care centres, and tourism projects.  Policy development Anna has been involved in includes the development of a water strategy, District Plan development and a freshwater policy for Ministry for the Environment.

Anna has had experience with a range of regional authorities including Greater Wellington Regional Council, Auckland Regional Council, Horizons Regional Council and Canterbury Regional Council. Anna’s experience with local authorities includes Wellington City Council, Porirua City Council, Kapiti Coast District Council, Horowhenua District Council, Christchurch City Council, Manukau City Council (and now Auckland City).

Anna grew up in Suva, Fiji from 1980 through to 1987.  Anna graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Resource & Environmental Planning in May 1997.  She is a full member of the New Zealand Planning Institute

DDI 06 364 9142
MOB 027 449 1867

Richard Laurenson

Project Manager

Richard has extensive knowledge in projects from inception to completion, guiding them through the areas of concept development, budgeting, subdivision application, liaising with stakeholders, title creation and civil construction.

Richard has been working with the RMA for over twelve years using it to add value from a property development perspective. Richard’s expertise lies in property research analysis, ownership and how that relates to the provisions of the  District Plan. This requires thoroughly testing the interpretation of the relevant Council planning documents.    

With extensive Public Works Act knowledge associated with compulsory acquisitions and the associated property owner’s rights emanating thereon. Richard is part of the Land Matters Ltd team representing landowners affected by the Transmission Gully, M2PP & PP2O Expressway projects. As well Richard has managed litigation projects in relation to section 40 of the Public Works Act.  One specifically, Bennet & Ors vs Auckland Council, required reviewing and collating a body of evidential papers that stretched to 8 volumes and exceeded 5000 pages.

Richard has had planning success working with many District Plans , on various developments exhibiting a thorough understanding of plan interpretation, application of objectives and policies as they apply to resource consent developments and understanding applicability of planning rules and standards. Specific examples include; The Far North District Council for the Donny Charitable Trust - achievement of a non-complying Resource Consent for the subdivision and sale of a surplus Telecom NZ site offered back to the Trust. Wellington City Council for Country Road Holdings Ltd - achievement of a non-complying subdivision of a 45Ha site.

Key strengths include negotiating solutions in relation to matters of the land, ability to delineate paths through planning provisions, project completion, and liaison skills with diverse stakeholders including Iwi, Councils, investment interests and property owners.

DDI 06 364 9140
MOB 021 185 4056

Rob Longley


Rob Longley has been involved in the land surveying profession for over 40 years and has been with Land Matters Limited and its previous business identities for over 20 years. Over his professional life Rob has been involved in many different aspects of surveying both academically and practically. He tutored at a technical institute for 10 years prior to his present position and has been involved in planning applications and hearings, engineering design and set out, local authority liaison and consent completion, client liaison and advice, and legal land transfer surveying and certification. He is currently involved in projects both internally and for external clients, with a focus on legal title surveys and their Local Authority clearances leading to issue of title and also  engineering design calculations and field work for rural and residential projects.  

Rob is a Registered Professional Surveyor and Member of the New Zealand Institute of Surveyors. He is also a Licensed Cadastral Surveyor. 

His work involves internal liaison with professionals in Land Matters and externally with field staff and other professions including engineers, surveyors, and local authority officers. This leads to a sound understanding by all parties of the workings and benefits of an integrated multi-disciplinary approach. 

Rob has worked on the Matakana Island New Entry consent, Porirua City Council consents and easements as well as numerous AEE applications and survey work.


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