Landscape Architecture

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Working collaboratively with qualified architects, our team adds value by offering planning and development expertise – enhancing the qualities of the landscape for all involved.

  • What is it?

    Landscape Architecture is all about studying the human and physical geography of a bit of land – rural or urban – allowing proposed development to be considered, and whether there are any qualities of the landscape that the development is trying to fit within.

  • What does this look like for me?

    If your project involves a lush piece of landscape which is deemed to be important in the process of preserving the colourful or textural qualities, then the colour, shape and reflectivity values of the intended dwelling is quite important. Likewise, planting out a piece of land to enhance it requires consideration of time and suitability. Between having a vision and realising the potential of a place, Land Matters are experts at working collaboratively with specialists such as Landscape Architects to bring the best out of your project while meeting resource consent requirements.

    It’s important to remember that the improvement of a place sometimes happens over time, with an investment into the growth of plantings and the like.

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