Rejuvenating or replacing parts of urban landscapes has the ability to enhance more than just aesthetics. It has been proven to contribute to people’s sense of self, and that’s one reason why we are advocates for careful consideration with this kind of work.

  • What is it?

    Urban Regeneration is all about replacing or rejuvenating parts of urban landscapes so that the infrastructure and features of a place better suit the community it’s intended to serve.

  • What does this look like for me?

    Whether your project is large-scale for an intended community, or small scale to exist within a regenerated community, the important thing is to make sure that all the open space, the roads and footpaths, the connectivity and the assets of a place are suitable for the longevity of the community that is going to inhabit it.

    Consulting the relevant District Plan will be critical in these kinds of projects, as well as ensuring appropriate community consultation takes place, which places our experienced, senior planners in a good position to help realise the potential of surrounds.

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