Planning and Resource Consents

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We are experts at applying for Resource Consents, but before we get there, we always start by offering our clients a scoping report. Together we will review the risks and opportunities before you decide what direction your project will take.

  • What is it?

    Planning and Resource Consents encompass a suite of land use and resource use planning services including policy development, subdivisions, resource consents and effects assessments.  Land Matters have the knowledge and experience gained across a range of sectors to help you navigate the planning process and the requirements of your project.

  • What does this look like for me?

    You may become involved in the planning process if you land is potentially affected by a change to a local planning policy document or if you need a resource consent for a new development or activity on your land.

    At Land Matters we believe in working with you to look at your project from all perspectives prior to setting off in a particular direction. With our collective knowledge and expertise from liaising with various councils and stakeholders across a variety of projects, we have a pretty good gauge of what a successful project looks like and what projects may require a little more thought.

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